In my diploma collection I studied the phaenomena of the shade as a space and colour concept. Defining the space of a shadow as a tetrahedron in the pattern cutting concept, interpreted in layers and shadow creating accessoires, playing with the contrast of light and shade in the space.


Manuel is wearing an Angora shirt with handknitted epaulette
Manuel wearing a pair of handwoven sock suspenders
Tobias is wearing a shirt with tetrahedron collar
Tobias is wearing a handwoven Pair Of Braces
Tobias is wearing a paper coated camelhair waistcoat
Tobias is wea
Tobis is wearing a trousers With Handwoven Pair Of Braces
Rafael wearing a shirt with printed papercut pattern
Rafael wearing a Merino leggings with triangle pattern
Rafael wearing a handknitted tetrahedron paper stole
Sebastian wearing a mesh leggings with extra large pocket holding a tetrahedron
Sebastian wearing a woven check cape with printed triangels
Christian wearing a graphically broke down tetrahedron patterned jumper
Christian is wearing a leather tetrahedron shorts with handknitted calf cape made of paper

Collection: Photography by Yamuna Peters

Models: Christian, Manuel, Michael,Rafael, Ricardo, Sebastian & Tobias


Schattenfarbe by Kathrin Prinz

Accessoires:                                        Photography by Anne Günther